Sunday, March 27, 2011


the other night we had a swedish night at our apartment. i made my roommates köttfärspaj for dinner and then pannkakstårta for desert. i can´t remember the last time i had pannkakstårta but belive me when i say, it is SO worth making and eating it is like a dream.  

to get the recipe to make swedish pannkakor (pancakes) see my other post about swedish pancakes;
after making all your pancakes let them cool on a plate for a bit. 

this is what you need to make your pannkakstårta...
fresh or frozen raspberries
whipped cream
raspberry jam 
geléhallon (swedish candy) for decoration or fresh raspberries
place one pancake on a plate and put fresh raspberries on the pancake. place another pancake on top of the first one and then ad some cream and raspberry jam (mix the two together before adding) on top of that pancake. keep doing this process until you have used all the pancakes.
when placing the last pancake on top of the pile, decorate the cake with whipped cream and geléhallon/ fresh raspberries or what ever you want to use, just use your imagination.

enjoy.. just like Petson and Findus..

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