Monday, April 4, 2011

a thing

one thing that i love about baking and cooking is that there are so many adorable things that you can buy to make this creative process even more fun. just think about all the different muffin cups, baking bowls, kitchen towels, coffee cups, decorations, measurements etc that´s out there, how can you not get excited?! 

but there is one thing...

this one thing that i always think about for at least one minute or two as i am baking cookies and bread. this thing is something that i have been dreaming about having and buying since i started to become obsessed with baking, cooking- and baking shows. and to be honest, sometimes i even think about it before i fall a sleep. 

so what is this thing?

i know some people are going to find this ridiculous, but i can´t help it. 

the thing that i keep on thinking about is what color i want my future kitchen aid to be. i love absolutely everything about kitchen aids. i love the though of having one in my kitchen. i love the though of using it when ever i feel like it and as much as i want to. and when it comes to the color, lets just say that it´s a hard decision for me. they make so many colors and most of them are adorable. the blue and the pink are my favorites right now.


  1. oh my goodness! I love love the blue one! Ha kitchen aids are so attractive, especially these two!

  2. Rebecka! You are so adorable! It's been great meeting you and kinda getting to know you :)