Sunday, April 24, 2011

cupcake sisters

one thing that i have started to love about being in the states is the fact that you can watch cooking- and baking shows almost around the clock on tv here. if food channel doesn´t have a show there is a good chance that travel channel or tlc does. one show that i love watching and that i have been following for some time is "cupcake sisters".

the show is about two sisters; katherine kallins and sophie lamontagne who together followed their dream and opened a cupcake business called "georgetown cupcake". their business was a hit from start and now they are baking more then 5 000 cupcakes per day (pretty insane i know). 

if you have the chance to see the show on tv, you should! or ever better... if you ever visit washington dc the sisters now have two cupcake shops; one in gerorgetown and one in bethesda. 
i think their cupcake shops should be in every guide book... looks so delicious and worth a trip.


ps. here is a video with some baking tips from the cupcake sisters.

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  1. Hi! I watch DC Cupcakes, too, on cable here in the Philippines and they are one of the many shows that inspired me to bake cupcakes. You should also watch Cupcake Wars. It's really fun to watch. :D