Wednesday, April 27, 2011

going away for a while

to bake and not to bake.

during this spring i have tried some really good recipes, new and old. i hope that you have enjoyed reading my posts and maybe even found some new favorite cookies and cakes.

to bake and blog has become a part of my life these days and something that I really enjoy. unfortunately i am going away on a trip in the states and canada until the beginning of june.. this means i won´t be able to bake and to blog. 


please be patient, when i return to sweden i´m continuing blogging and baking. i hope that you guys still want to follow me!

until then, don´t forget to continue to bake and to smile a lot, makes everything so much better!

rebecka siwerz 


  1. "Unfortunately you're going away..." who are you bullshitting?..;-) Have a great trip vännen min! Ses snart, lääängtar!

  2. It will be a lot of fun for sure. Saknar dig roomie! Kram