Tuesday, February 1, 2011

bakpulver, baking soda, bikarbonat & baking powder.

many swedes that move to america have alot of problems baking. it´s not just that the ingrediences taste different, but they are also hard to find. 
one problem that I have had so far is knowing the difference between baking powder and baking soda. I did my research and this is what I found:

                                    baking powder = swedish bakpulver

                                     baking soda = bikarbonat 
baking soda/ bakpulver is stronger then baking powder/ bakpulver.
baking soda/ bikarbonat can give bread a bitter aftertaste. it´s best used in doughs that contains a sour ingredient like swedish fil, sour cream or naturell yoghurt. if you use baking soda/ bikarbonat in a white cake for example swedish sockerkaka you need to be careful because there can be a green, brown or yellow discoloration. you should use baking soda when the cake already has a brownish color, like carot cake or gingerbread. if you don´t have any baking soda at home when you are baking, use baking powder/ bakpulver. but don´t forget that you need to increase the amount to double (baking powder contains baking soda).
baking powder/ bakpulver is used for doughs with alot of butter and sugar. regular yeast doesn´t work well when the doughs are to sweet and it´s faster. it doesn´t leave any aftertaste and is normally used in cakes that are suppose to be eaten the same day as they are baked.  
good luck with your baking.

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