Tuesday, February 22, 2011


my biggest rolemodels when it comes to baking is a swedish chef named leila lindholm. she makes the most delicious, beautiful cakes and the most adorable baking books (my two favorites are "a piece of cake" and "one more slice").
i was looking through some of her recipes online and found a list of seven tips she wrote for people that loves baking. 

leilas 6 best baking tips. 
1. always use ecologic eggs. the taste and the color of the egg makes a hugh difference to your cakes and cookies.
2. use high quality ingredients, the best thing is using ingredients that are organic.
3. use fresh ingredients . don´t use flour that has been sitting in the counter for to long.

4. how much flour you should use in a dough depends on which type of flour you decide to use. where the seed has been growing and how it´s grinded. doughs are often suppose to be stickier then you think.
5. it´s never a bad idea to use a kitchen aid mixer when you are baking. that makes it easier to work with the dough for a longer amount of time and slowly (10-20min).
6. you should never whip in the flour when you are baking soft cakes. 

thank you leila for all your great recipes. 

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